How to Buff Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth is a material similar to that of cotton. It is good for making clothing or upholstery. While it can be machine wash, it is recommended to hand wash it instead. Hand washing the microfiber cloth will prevent dirt and bacteria from sticking on the surface of the cloth.

When cleaning, you can use just a dust mop or wet cloth to clean the microfiber cloth. To remove any dirt particles that have stuck to the surface of the cloth, a piece of acetone should be placed on the cloth. Let the acetone dry and then rub the cloth with a piece of tissue paper until the dirt particles fall off the cloth.

Once the microfiber cloth is cleaned, the next step is to buff it. Buffing it can help in polishing the microfiber cloth and thus, enhancing its appearance. If you are not sure how to buff the cloth, there are many microfiber cloth buffing kits available in the market.

When buffing the microfiber cloth, there are some tips that you should remember. Read on some tips before buffing the cloth:

First, use soap as a buffer. Soap with cream soap is the best choice ไมโคร ไฟเบอร์ because it is the most gentle. When using soap as a buffer, you need to avoid the cloth being directly over the water. In fact, you should use the microfiber cloth over a cloth hanger and not directly over the water.

Second, you should place the cloth on a regular cloth hanger to avoid water coming inside the cloth. In addition, you should not put the cloth on the water and use a piece of towel as buffer. Thetowel can easily trap water and will cause the cloth to wrinkle.

Third, you should run a piece of Scotchbrite on the cloth to create a circular pattern. This is used to help remove dust and dirt from the surface of the cloth. This will also help you in smoothing out the wrinkles on the cloth.

Fourth, you should buff the cloth with an anti-skid pad. This pad will help to prevent the cloth from sliding during the buffing process. You can use both a piece of cloth hanger and an anti-skid pad to apply the cloth.