A Guide to Use The Best Keyword Tools

Most SEO experts consider keyword tools as indispensable in SEO. Keyword tools basically provide us the essential information regarding a keyword’s popularity and frequency. These tools are great tools that help in efficient planning of SEO campaign for every website. If you’re interested in these keyword tools, here are some of them:

Google SEO API: This is one of the most useful keyword tools for SEO. The main idea behind this API is that it provides the exact details about the internet users’ usage. This API lets you know the exact numbers of searches, browser, regions, and keywords. You can also get the per-site and per-keyword traffic figures for different websites. It’s important to note that you need to make sure that you have read all the terms and conditions before using the API.

Keyword Planner API: This tool offers you all the basic and advanced analysis. The main idea behind this API is that it provides the specifics about your keywords based on the number of searches, regions, and browser. It also provides you with the statistics on the links from the search engines.

Google Keyword Searches Volume API: It gives you the details about the volume of search for your keyword. You can see how much traffic you’ll get in your niche and also get the overall search volume of your niche. This tool is useful if you’re targeting a specific keyword and want to know how much traffic you’ll get.

Majestic SEO API: It offers you valuable information on how people search for keywords and what they do when they find it. By using this tool, you can learn how many web pages rank on top of search engine results page.

Keyword Trainer API: This is another useful tool that offers more useful data for you. You can access more important information about people who are searching for your keyword and how long they’ve been doing it. It’s also possible to estimate the traffic in your keyword, what visitors are searching for and the variations of that keyword.

Nexis Web Insight API: It offers you comprehensive information about your competitors and their keyword research strategies. You can use this to your advantage by anticipating which keyword you should be focusing on. You can also analyze your competitors’ keywords and find out what they’re up to.

These are just some of the keyword tools api that you can find on the web. It’s important to note that these are still beta versions that might not work perfectly for you. So take your time and analyze all these tools before you choose the one that will suit your business and needs.