Keyword Search in Databases

It has now become highly desired to give internet users the opportunity to search for information using key phrases as easy as keyword search with Google search. This technology has made it possible for anyone to find and search a wide range of information from a single site. A good keyword database should contain enough data points that allow an individual to find the information they want. Keyword databases provide access to millions of key phrases, and these can be searched to find anything you are looking for. Keyword databases are used by many businesses to assist them in finding their niche markets or target audience. A good keyword database will also have a large quantity of advertisers and business links and advertisers will pay top dollar for direct traffic coming directly from a keyword database.

One of the most sought after keyword databases is the International Conference on Very Large Data bases (ICSD). The term “very large” is used specifically to describe the number of records found. This is a tremendous amount of data and the database itself could potentially stretch across continents and time periods. ICSD was established to increase access to research and educational conferences. This database was developed by IBM and the database has proved extremely useful for researchers, educators and students.

The International Conference on Very Large Data bases has also developed the “Hristidis V” database. The “Hristidis V” is intending to replace the current system of searching through the “Zoo database” found with the “Zoo Environment”. These two systems were previously found to be unreliable due to the fact that the Zoo had a much smaller volume of records and was limited to very large conferences. The “Hristidis V” has since been replaced with “Hristidis”.

These database keywords have a significant number of uses. In addition to keyword mining and research, many keyword databases can also act as quality control for new papers. The papers must be checked for any plagiarism or errors before being submitted to journals. The data used for this paper was first checked against the databases found with the help of the International Conference on Very Large Data. It was found to be virtually accurate with the number of records that are found in the citations.

There are many other uses for keyword search in databases. They can be used for quality assurance in data engineering projects. It allows quick identification of conceptual errors and improved design processes. It can even allow users to search for specific terms used in the project. Researchers can also use these for constructing meta-data driven publications such as systematic reviews. This allows easy evaluation of statistical methods and their performance.

The International Conference on Very Large Databases was successful in presenting a unified approach for researchers to utilize keyword search in their databases. This enabled easy identification of conceptual errors, improved design processes, and improved metrics for meta-data-driven publications. This work was supported by the United Kingdom’s National Institute for Economic Analysis.