Scraping Google Search Results

A major battle is raging between the webmasters and Google over scraping google. Scraping Google is legal, but Google wants more control. Not only does Google want more control, they want to build a wall around the scrapers. Google’s anti-scraping strategy has to be stopped.

Google claims it’s preventing ‘spam’ when people submit Google page links to other websites. The webmasters are outraged because they make money from Google. As long as they get payment, they feel that’s all they should be doing with their site.

Is Google right about how Google pages to rank in searches? We all know the answer to that question, but it hasn’t really entered into any of the complaints. Search engines are based on how well a page ranks in a particular area.

How well a page ranks depends on factors that Google can’t control. Those factors are mostly unchangeable, so those factors will determine how well a page ranks. If the webmaster or scraper finds a way to get around the natural search algorithm then they can boost their rankings artificially.

Instead of the scraper’s income, Google is blocking them from scraping Google. So, where does that leave the scrapper who has been scraping Google for years and has gotten paid by Google through the Google’s Search Marketing Partner Program?

The best way to solve this problem is to find a way to get around Google’s anti-scraping security measures. A scraper can get around Google’s security by using their own bots. But that’s not really scalable. When you get up to the upper levels of scraping Google, Google has some issues and you’ll need to pay the affiliate programs to make your money back.

Scrapers have always done this. They used their own code to scrape Google and they still do. They scrape Google, they get paid by Google makes a lot of money off of these sites.

If the scraper only needs access to Google for a few hours, they can just use a crawler that crawls for a few hours and then quits. The scraper can then create a file and submit it. The only thing they’ll have to worry about is the time it takes Google to log the information, and the problems that will cause if the scraper’s own code is modified to perform malicious tasks.