SEO Keyword Research Tool

With Google search result API you are able to scrape all kinds of SERP elements, such as featured snippets, videos, images, maps, answers, advertisements, question boxes, and much more. Now you can easily implement Google keyword rank checker API along with any kind of application or web-service with different custom settings, language, and location. This is an advanced feature that helps you analyze any text-based element in SERPs for your keyword research. When you use this API along with Google page analysis and other third party tools, you can derive detailed overviews of the specific websites, their locations, target domains, URL history, organic traffic, inbound links, outbound links, reciprocal links, page rank, number of pages, links, and other details. Moreover, this application can help you easily determine the most competitive keywords for your niche and give you competitive keyword research report.

With Google serp checker api you get access to real time information about your website and position it on the top. In order to start using her checker API, you need to sign up for a free account on Google Webmaster Tools. Here you will receive an entire list of all the sites that are related to yours, information about their Alexa rank, URL, category, and tags. Moreover, Google keyword tool gives you information about competitive keywords that are highly relevant for your website.

After signing up for a free account on Google Webmaster Tools, you need to create a project. Project management tool will let you set up a new user analysis project. You can then start to scrape Google serp API. Once your scraper is ready, you can start to analyze the keywords by identifying the phrases that are related to your website ranking. You may also want to scrap some of the older, lower ranked keywords.

Now you have found suitable keywords for your analysis and you need to identify a suitable keyword research tool. The serp analyzer works like an auction site, you would enter your keyword and see whether the highest bid gets picked or not. If it does you win the auction and if not you lose your bidding and get the result for the keywords you used. On the other hand, if you were able to get the highest bid, you would automatically win the competition and move up in the rankings.

Once you have picked a suitable keyword research tool you need to enter the URL for your website to find out the rank of the keyword. As your website does not have the keyword being searched, it will not return any rank. However, with serp checker API you get the rank for every keyword. So as you can see from the above it is vital to have a good user rank for your website.

So why do you need a serp checker API? Well for SEO purposes the tool is invaluable. The API will tell you exactly how many times your keyword has been searched. Also you know the exact rank for every keyword. You get to save a lot of time by knowing the exact details and this is what the pros consider to be an important aspect. So while buying any serp checker API it is essential to check out whether it provides these details or not.