High End Audio – Home Theatre Cinema in Indonesia

High End Audio is an organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia that has set up a new business venture in the area of home entertainment. The company boasts of a strong local and international reputation in the home cinema industry. It also claims that it possesses state of the art equipment and state-of-the-art studios. It is the sole operator of the largest database of Indonesian movie theatres in the world. It also provides dedicated customer service to ensure that clients get optimum cinema experience.

The company is striving to set itself apart from the competition by providing its clients with state-of-the-art theatre systems that incorporate surround sound with DVD audio streaming. It also has a selection of top quality home cinema and digital movie theatre systems that have been tailor made for these consumers. It offers four cinema screens – two big screens and two normal screens. It also has a very large projection area that can house almost 5 thousand movies. Due to these large screens, the cost of watching a movie at one of the High End Audio Indonesia cinemas is about the same as going to a regular big screen cinema.

IHEAC (International High End Audio Club) is a club for people who love the audio quality of Indonesian movies. High End Audio is owned and operated by Karylo Llamazare, an Indonesian film director and producer. The company also has a large collection of videos and music that is made in conjunction with the production of movies. The club offers members free movie downloads as well as an extensive library of DVDs that the members can choose from. Some High End Audio Indonesia cinemas have been known to provide free movie shows on selected nights of the week.

Karylo chose to establish High End Audio Indonesia – Home Theatre Cinema because of the high demand for good quality Indonesian movies. Indonesia is home to a large number of independent and foreign films that are produced here. Many of these films are set in Indonesia and are produced using local and indigenous film and television methods. Karylo saw the opportunity to provide his patrons with a premium theatre experience and a membership with a club that would enable them access to a selection of independent films.

High End Audio has three cinema complexes in Jakarta and two in Canggu, Central Java. The company also operates a small number of High End Audio Club IHEAC branches in other cities around the country. Karylo decided that initially the clubs would concentrate on Jakarta and Canggu, with the focus on offering the best experience possible to their clients. Later, however, the plan was expanded to other cities including South Java, Surabaya and Makassar.

High End Audio offers its patrons a complete home entertainment package. These packages include the theatre software that is needed to view the films, an LCD projector, a VCR video recorder and the required home theatre system components. Customers can choose the option of purchasing the theatre software at a discounted price when they purchase the required hardware. Customers can further customize their experience by choosing accessories such as DVD players and home theatre system receivers. In addition, they can also choose a VIP service which offers on-site assistance and guidance to ensure that customers have an enjoyable experience at the cinema.