The Training Process of Awaking the Consciousness

The training process of awakening the consciousness is actually a process of letting go of the illusions of the ego and reaching the state of nondual consciousness. This process is not something that you can achieve quickly and easily, but needs great devotion and dedication in order to make it fruitful. If you are fully awake and dedicate yourself to this process, you will eventually reach the state of consciousness, which is full enlightenment.

There are many things that make up the human being and it is mainly divided into two sections: the physical consciousness and the mental consciousness. The physical body is mainly subjected to the influences of the environment and the physical world. However, it is also susceptible to the effects of various mental activities like thinking or discursive thought processes. Discussions analysis of these activities may lead to confusion and the false perception of the surroundings.

There are various kinds of physical activities that influence the state of consciousness and one of them is sleep. A person who is sleeping is unconscious and it is in this state of consciousness that the subconscious mind plays its role in awakening the consciousness acim podcast. This whole process is a complex one and the results are not always predictable. The results of the process are also dependent on the degree of physical relaxation that is experienced. For example, a deep state of relaxation can result in a state of unconsciousness, while a partial blockage of the physical senses can also lead to a state of inattention.

Another physical influence on the state of consciousness is sexual intercourse. This activity is an integral part of our lives and it influences greatly the level of physical and mental tension. However, this is not something that can be controlled by anyone. In fact, for some people it can even be harmful. The physiological changes that occur are very subtle and it takes a lot of practice to notice the changes that take place.

Another influence on the consciousness is sunlight. This has a profound effect, because it makes the body more relaxed. When this process is put to use, it is almost as if the consciousness enters a state of hyperbolic expansion. While in this state, objects seem closer and less vague, and you can actually see the movement in a distance. Some people have claimed to have had near death experiences while in this condition.

While all these things have been brought about by different natural processes, they are bound to affect the level of consciousness in different ways. If you want to get to the state of awakening, then you need to learn about these different ways of awakening. They will allow you to make use of the state of consciousness for many beneficial purposes. Whether it is experiencing an inner peace or trying to get into a superhuman state, these techniques will give you the ultimate advantage.