Western Movie Favorites

With a long tradition of suspense and surprise, Western movies are among the most popular genre of films throughout the world. The classic gunfighter with the Tommy gun in one hand and the dusty cowboy in the other is a familiar symbol of the old west. There are many movies that have been made about this interesting time in history. “The Searchers” is one of them with Patrick Swayze as an aging gunslinger who tries to help the young women in his employ. In this article I will tell you about a recent movie that just came out last weekend.

“Old west” is an intriguing concept that was born during the earlier part of the twentieth century. An aging old west town is in disarray as the railroad is about to come through the place and a band of criminal outlaws are terrorizing ranchers that refuse to sell their vast grazing land. An ex Gunslinger who returned home to his wife after the war is determined to once again return to law enforcement. He plans to begin his search for a killer using the train.

This movie is about the life and times of the old west. It’s not a “good guy bad guy” kind of Western movie like someone like Clint Eastwood. Instead it’s more of a how a man tries to do right while facing danger. The movie simply takes you on an interesting journey as it follows ดูหนัง the life of these three men. It will entertain viewers of all ages and even non-gangs members alike.

The movie starts out in Colorado where we meet some newcomers. They are being run over by a pickup truck and it ends up taking two people. After the truck rams into a fence, a bullet goes through the windshield of the truck and injures the driver. Near the end of the movie one of the good guys decides to try and shoot the driver with the gun. The gun doesn’t go off and he continues on his way. Near the end of the movie he comes across a body of a man that had been burned alive and was looking for help.

The next Western movie is the one I’m going to tell you about. It takes place in Texas around 1875. Outlaws are running rampant and many cowboys are killed trying to keep their heads above water. One of the good boys manages to hold out long enough to help a few other cowboys who are being attacked. This eventually leads to the capturing of this outlaw and the entire town becomes a refuge for all kinds of travelers.

This was one of my favorite movies and the actors did an awesome job portraying the role. John Wayne did a great job of playing the hard-boiled hero. Morgan Freeman played the evil sheriff and Tom Selleck played the good gunslinger. This was a great cast and the finished product made the film well worth seeing. Even if you haven’t seen the Western movies, you should take a look at them.